Neurofeedback helps people train their brain to function more efficiently, which can assist in improvements in areas such as emotional regulation, focus and concentration, learning capacity, stress management, frustration tolerance, motivation, self-esteem, sports and other performance anxiety relief, and a reduction in somatic complaints, as well as improved sleep quality, memory and recall, and overall mood stability. It’s great for peak performance conditioning and is often used by athletes, executives, professionals, students, public speakers, performers and competitors as a tool to help gain an edge in their field.



As of November of 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics has endorsed the approach as a “Level 1/Best Support” for children with executive functioning difficulties and weaknesses in self-control capacities and enhances prosocial functioning. Furthermore, the APA has weighed in favorably on neurofeedback’s impact on these areas when compared to other traditional interventions.

Our clients have often experienced marked progress making family life more tolerable for children and their families and improves their overall demeanor and decision-making in social interactions. Brain training has been shown to provide adaptive support and allows for smoother adjustments to disappointments or changes in general in individual, notably those who may be developmentally or otherwise differently abled. Read the stories on or this site of our clients and many others across the globe who have used NeurOptimal® neurofeedback for this purpose.


NeurOptimal® Advanced Brain Training System was recently cleared by the FDA as a “General Wellness Product” for its safety and effectiveness. Neurofeedback is designed to ignite your brain’s own natural healing power, allowing it to become more efficient, flexible and resilient through self-correction. This has resulted in particular improvements for those suffering from severe unrelenting headaches or in recovering from the impact on the brain of a concussion, stroke, or traumatic injury.


Along with healthy lifestyle choices, NeurOptimal® neurofeedback can be a powerful tool to mediate cognitive decline that naturally occurs as we age. Just as physical exercise benefits the body, NeurOptimal® keeps the brain fit and resilient while helping a person regulate emotions thereby slowing the functional and cognitive decline of both natural and often age-associated brain and neurological disease processes in older individuals.


Because NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training enhances concentration and mental focus, students use it as a critical tool to improve their performance in school. Unlike so-called “smart drugs” or neuro-enhancing pharmaceuticals, NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is 100% drug-free and has no known side effects (apart from improved sleep!).


During periods of stress in your life, NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is particularly helpful in calming the nervous system and providing relief from the many negative effects of stress. The FDA has approved neurofeedback as effective for stress reduction. Our clients very often list feeling more relaxed, centered and calm among the top results they have noticed after completing NeurOptimal® neurofeedback sessions.

In addition, NeurOptimal® neurofeedback encourages an overall positive mental outlook and a deeper understanding of the mind/body connection. For those looking to enhance their daily health and wellness, NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training can be an excellent supplement to a healthy diet and exercise routine.


Even clients who start NeurOptimal® neurofeedback for other reasons often report improved sleep and a calmer state of mind in many different areas of life. Because this kind of brain training promotes the brain to self-correct in the most effective way for YOUR particular brain, your central nervous system becomes more well-balanced, allowing for a more relaxed state, both while awake and asleep, as well as a more positive outlook. Adults, as well as children, have used NeurOptimal® neurofeedback to address the negative effects arising from sleep disorders including irritability and negativity, poor motivation and energy, low moods, and many other complaints which for some lead to the propensity to use substances to “self-medicate” for inadequate and temporary escape from discomforts often leading to addictions.


A growing number of Olympic and professional athletes now use NeurOptimal® neurofeedback to provide that critical mental edge which often results in gold medals and championships. When competitors are separated by 100ths of a second, the improved mental focus and physical performance NeurOptimal® neurofeedback provides can mean the difference between winning and losing. But you don’t have to be a pro athlete to enjoy the benefits of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback. Looking to improve your golf game? Want to be a better pitcher for your company softball team? Want to fine tune your focus on projects/assignments or let your creativity flow better? NeurOptimal® neurofeedback can help.